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Canadians are at their most pessimistic about finances

Canadians are at their most pessimistic about finances so far Canadians’ perception of their finances and debts has fallen to a new record low, according to the latest analysis by MNP Ltd. Over half (54%) of the MNP survey respondents are deeply concerned about their ability to repay debts,...

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Will Dunning about mortgage stress test

4 problems with Canada’s mortgage stress tests that are hurting homebuyers and the economy Economic researcher Will Dunning has a problem with the mortgage stress test the federal government imposed about a year ago. Actually, he has four. Last January, the Canadian government expanded its standard stress testing, which...

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Tempered rates hike forecasts for 2019

Floating-rate mortgage holders who had feared the Bank of Canada’s recent full-steam-ahead view towards continued rate hikes can take a breather—at least for now. The central bank adopted a more dovish stance at yesterday’s rate hold announcement, which confirmed a growing chorus of analysts who now expect the bank...

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