Due diligence and site plan approval

There are professional project managers in our team, responsible for scheduling in-house work and identifying necessary staffing levels for both in-house personnel and outside consultants. Those persons also help the owner to get bids from contractors and negotiate the construction contract.

Due Diligence and Pre-Design Studies

  • Land optioning, agreements, and acquisition
  • Choose an architect
  • Get a survey of the site
  • Figure out what you can build
  • Meet with the city regarding the re-zoning process
  • Feasibility Studies, Concept Design
  • Development Regulations Analysis
  • Preliminary budget, build a realistic budget for soft costs
  • Research comparable sales to assess revenue capability
  • Current trends in market place

Permits and Approvals

  • It is not worth much unless you can turn it into a pre-sold development
  • Bring in all consultants
  • Attend meetings: planning city department, local councilor and the neighborhood
  • File your zoning application
  • File your site plan approval
  • Apply for the building permit