About Us

​We are group of entrepreneurs and financial planners working with families and businesses on their financial needs and building residential and commercial real estates. We have been in business for more than 30 years, completed projects in shopping mall development and residential housing.​

Our Vision: Superior quality financial services to the customer, creating loyalty and referrals to enhance our business, new real estate projects creating economic value and advances sustainable communities.

Our Mission is to leverage our investment, development, and management expertise to enhance the communities in which we invest, live, and operate.

We aim to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance principles into all aspects of our business


Investment and Development Division is focused primarily on domestic Class A multi-family and mixed-used residential properties in the Greater Toronto Area. We are an active buyer and/or developer of these types of real estate on behalf of our co-investment partners and for our own account.  We act as a core real estate investment advisor and developer.

We are specializing in development, acquisitions, real estate investing, hedge funds, and property management.

Our development executives and partners are a unique collection of experts in the fields of mixed-use development, finance, entitlements, design, construction, leasing, and marketing.

Our investment strategy focuses on acquiring assets in markets where the fundamental performance drivers indicate that above average returns can be achieved.

Our detailed due diligence process utilizes the full resources of our business model, including Research, Development, Legal, and Accounting professionals.


Our business platform covers all aspects of property ownership and operation, including acquisitions, dispositions, development, finance, asset and property management, leasing, construction management, accounting, legal, tax, and insurance risk management.


How to launch a project:

  • What is your project about?
  • What makes it different?
  • If there is a market?
  • Do you have a site?
  • How to finance a Project?
  • Project Management and construction management

Due Diligence and Pre-Design Studies

  • Land optioning, agreements, and acquisition
  • Choose an architect
  • Get a survey of the site
  • Figure out what you can build
  • Meet with the city regarding the re-zoning process
  • Feasibility Studies, Concept Design
  • Development Regulations Analysis
  • Preliminary budget, build a realistic budget for soft costs
  • Research comparable sales to assess revenue capability
  • Current trends in market place

Permits and Approvals

  • It is not worth much unless you can turn it into a pre-sold development
  • Bring in all consultants
  • Attend meetings: planning city department, local councilor and the neighborhood
  • File your zoning application
  • File your site plan approval
  • Apply for the building permit

Marketing and Sales

  • Advance design development
  • Set your pricing
    • Think up your brand
    • Have a friendly, informed staff
    • Keep everyone updated

Urban Construction

  • Environmental Assessments
  • Energy Use Analysis
  • Energy Conserving Design
  • Advance design development
  • Construction financing assistance
  • Cost Estimating / Cost Control
  • Construction Management

Pre-Registration + Occupancy

  • Condominium declaration preparation
  • Purchaser occupancy closings
  • Clear up any outstanding site plan matters
  • Land titles office correspondence for condominium registration

Condominium Post-Registration

  • Registered condominium declaration and plans to local municipality legal
  • Preliminary building maintenance and service contracts