Financial Planning

Financial Planning – we offer our clients the following services:
-FNA ( financial needs analysis) – how much insurance required for different life situations. We use different methods of calculations:
Comprehensive approach
Capitalization of Income
Capital retention approach
-Budgeting, consisting of projected profit&loss, cash flow and balance sheets
-Construction loan budget ( we help to create the budgets for the Lenders, based on their requirements ) , as well as calculations for the projected expenses, both hard and soft.
-Debt consolidation ( we help families and individuals to manage their debts, to reduce the debt ratios , to pay off the existing loans and credit lines by consolidation and using the cost effective schemes and more beneficial Lenders.
– Retirement planning( ( we help people to prepare their financial houses for the retirement in order to keep the life style and to get even more than they expected, using insurance and investment diversification.)